Singapore’s foreign policy faux pas and hypocrisy?

By: Mohamed Jufrie Bin Mahmood

As Singaporeans we certainly care about our national interest and the conduct of our foreign relations. But that does mean that we must always support the way such relations are being conducted?

It is clear that the PAP government does not have a monopoly of sound and well thought out ideas. We are such a small fry in a big ocean but quite often we beat our chest claiming that in spite of our size we are able to punch above our weight.

Our departed dear leader often had a condescending approach towards our neighbours and other developing countries which his successor generation of leaders often emulate.

They seem to think that having lots of money alone (including our CPF savings) can win us respect. We even selectively lecture countries on the rule of law.

But the rule of the game is this: As a tiny red dot we should conduct our foreign relation quietly without trying to show off even on matters that we think that we are 100 per cent right.

Big powers have a habit of not listening to small fries and they loathe being lectured to or insulted publicly although the message we wish to pass on may be right.

But on the rule of law we have often practiced double standards, been selective and hypocritical.

We did not only fail to tell off the US when they invaded Iraq and deposed its president but we went along with them as a member of the coalition of the willing in spite of the absence of a UN Security Council resolution.

Is that in accordance with the rule of law?

And instead of telling off the Israelis for repeatedly ignoring multiple UN Security Council resolutions, PM Lee became inspired by its conduct and in denying the Palestinians their basic human rights.

Lately our leaders again failed to express their disgust to the Myanmar authorities for not adhering to the rule of law in conducting genocide against the Rohingyas. Not only that, I suppose we are still continuing to supply arms to the murderous generals, emboldening them to continue with their atrocities.

Talking about the rule of law? You make me sick!

Now lets see how you untangle yourselves with Chinese leaders and witness how they apply the rule of law against your stupidity.


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