Chinese media: Singapore troop carriers should be ‘melted down’

In a hawkish editorial, China’s influential state-run tabloid the Global Times said that Singapore’s armored troop carriers currently impounded in Hong Kong should be “melted down”.

The newspaper blasted Singapore’s “carelessness” which it said reflected the city-state’s failure to take into consideration Beijing’s displeasure over its military relationship with Taiwan.

Singapore and Taiwan have a strong military relationship since the 1970s where training  for the Singapore Armed Forces are conducted in Taiwan.

As a result, “Singapore’s image in China is now so rotten that ordinary Chinese people think the best thing to do with the ‘confiscated’ armored vehicles.. is to send them to the steel mills to be melted down.”

The newspaper added that Singapore should use this “interlude” in its relations with China to find “enlightenment” rather than to provoke more resentment.

Relationship between China and Singapore have been strained in recent months as Beijing suspects Singapore of siding with the United States over the disputed waters in the South China Sea.


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