Chinese national convicted for animal cruelty for strangling dog

A Chinese national who was diagnosed with Brief Psychotic Disorder claimed that she heard planes overhead and feared that they would drop bombs on her if her family dog continued to bark.

Subsequently, 25 year-old Wang Jun covered the mouth of the dog before strangling it and beating its neck. Instead of hushing the dog – named Junior – she ended up killing the 8-year-old West Highland Terrier.

In doing so, she was convicted of animal cruelty for her deed on 30 Aug.

Her actions were first witnessed by her mother-in-law, who called the police to their flat at Kim Pong Road. When officers arrived at the place, they found here to be “in a daze and … appeared to be mentally unstable”.

The prosecution called for a Mandatory Treatment Order (MTO) for Wang, which would compel her to receive treatment for her mental disorder for up to 2 years at the Institute of Mental Health.

While animal cruelty carries a penalty of up to 18 months’ jail and a fine of up to S$15,000, Wang’s sentencing will be adjourned to Dec 29 pending the MTO report.


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