Fake “Uber Driver” fined $15,000 and banned from driving all classes of vehicles for a year

In a Press Release today (1 Dec), the LTA said that it will be stepping up enforcement against private hire cars which ply illegally for fares. By law, street hails are not allowed for private hire cars.

19 warnings have been issued with 1 convicted in court on 14 Jan. In the case, the driver was fined $15,000 and banned from driving all classes of vehicles for a year.

Last March, pictures of a Honda Airwave SJT1444Y went viral after Facebook user Amo Jov (Joverst Lee) posted that he was charged $97 for getting an incomplete from Beach Road to Woodlands.

The driver had initially told him that the flag down fare was $3.70 and $0.70 per km and would use an app to keep track of the fare.

When Lee noted that the fare was $50 in less than half an hour, the driver later claimed that the fare was $8 per km. Lee thus asked to be stopped after the nearest expressway exit and paid the driver $97 as he did not want to endanger his family who was with him.

Investigations have showed that he had charged exorbitant fares ranging between $30 and $1,050. LTA had applied to court to forfeit the vehicle.

Under the Road Traffic Act, unlicensed private cars or private hire cars found plying for fares illegally face a fine of not more than S$3,000, jail time of up to six months, or both.


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