Straits Times “investigating” act of “mischief” involving article headline

In a Facebook post, the Straits Times said that it is aware of a Facebook post carrying a twisted headline which links to one of its articles. The publication said that it takes this act of “mischief” seriously and will not hesitate to take action against those involved.


In this instance, the Facebook post was labelled “President Tan invites Thailand’s new King to visit Singapore to eat KFC”. Upon clicking the article, the actual title was “President Tan conveys best wishes to Thailand’s new King, invites him to visit Singapore” and did not have any mention about KFC.

Given the actual comments by Facebook users on the initial Straits Times Facebook page link, the headline title seems to be published by the Straits Times itself.

Facebook user Jeff Leong commented that “if it [was a] business account, it should be an inside job. Unless your own guys have poor IT security compliance leading to a security breach.” while Shu Kai Hu said that it was due to “internal controls failing”.


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