Nee Soon resident complaints of shoddy new lifts; Town Council gives non-committal reply

Nee Soon resident Benjamin Tan wrote inwrote in to the Straits Times forum on 27 Nov, giving feedback that residents in his block were “disappointed” with the lift upgrading at blocks 104A and B.

One of his grouses were the fact that the lifts were “significantly smaller” and may not accommodate stretchers in case of emergencies.

He also opined that the “quality of finish was noticeably bad”, adding that there was a “worrisome judder when the new lifts ascend and descend”.

Lift letter.jpg

Extracted paragraph from the original letter

Over the past year, there have been at least a dozen other incidents where accidents have been caused because of lift’s jerked movements.

Just last month, a 65 year-old woman had hurt her leg due to an unexpected plunge in Boon Lay. In June, a 59 year-old woman suffered a spinal fracture after a lift at Petir Road shot up and down erratically.

Nee Soon Town Council Public Relations Manager Pauline Kwa replied slightly more than a week later saying that the lifts were only 0.04 square meters (2.6%) smaller.

She added that the rectangular design resulted in the usable design was only 0.01 square meters less when compared to the previous octagonal ones. Assurance was also given that the stretchers would be able to fit into the lift based on SCDF dimmensions.

Regarding the jerking movements, she commented that the lifts were “certified by an Authorised Examiner prior to operations, and are checked periodically for operational safety” without further elaborating.

There was also no explanations as to the cause of the alleged judder.

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