Chinese national who claimed to have “alot of money” allegedly refused to pay taxi fare

Facebook user 牛如龙  posted a video of a scuffle between a man and a woman who were represented to be a taxi driver and fare cheat respectively.

From the background, the incident seems to have occurred at 8 Enggor Street yesterday (7 Dec) night.

In the video, the man could be seen grabbing on to the woman’s handbag to prevent her from leaving.

In accented English which suggested she was a Chinese national, she asked to be let go while saying that she had “a lot of money”.

In between the 3 minute video, the man filming had communicated to the taxi driver that they “were coming” in an apparent reference to the Police.

The lady was later seen kicking a security guard.


This is not the first time a fare evasion incident like this has happened. In October, a netizen had identified Julius Baer Executive Director Payal Devgan as a fare cheat after a video of her arguing with a driver went viral.

Several taxi drivers have responded, claiming that they have experienced such a modus operandi with Devgan refusing to pay and saying that they took a longer route than necessary.

The video had drawn considerable criticism with netizen Sally Ong saying that “something has to be done to protect these poor taxi drivers who have families to look after”.

Another Matthew Yang said that “these people are getting so brazen because.. they know nothing will happen to them”.

While the law provides that fare evaders could be fined up to $200 for first time offenders, many taxi drivers have said that spending 1 hour or more of their time at a police station was not worth it especially with a scant chance and amount involved.



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