The silence of the intelligentsia in Red Dot

By: Chua Chin Leng

Anyone notice that there is not a word coming from the intelligentsia about the issues and problems facing the little Red Dot for quite a number of years? There could be many reasons to this. Maybe there is no problem, no issue in the Red Dot. Or maybe there is no more intelligentsia left in the Red Dot. Or maybe….

These assumptions are unlikely to be true. How can there be no issue and problem in the Red Dot? The withholding of CPF savings from their rightful owners, income inequality, millions of immigrants, PMETs losing jobs, Elected Presidency and the creation of special privileges to a ‘bumiputra’ class, high cost of living, economic decline, million dollar incomes for the elite, etc etc.

There are numerous problems facing the people in the little Red Dot.  Unless the above mentioned are not problems or the intelligentsia did not think so then that is another of looking at things.

Who and where is the intelligentsia? The academics, the thinkers in the universities, the thinkers and professors in the Lee Kuan Yew and Rajaratnam Schools, the professionals in the professions are the people that made up the intelligentsia. There must be many thousands of these elites out there. Why are they not saying a thing about the issues and problems the people are facing, the country is facing?

Or maybe the intelligentsia mainly comprises foreigners, foreign talents that do not care a hoot about the problems here as long as they got their jobs and good pay here, not to open their mouths and risk being thrown out of the little Red Dot. Where is Tan Khee Giap? No more Singaporean intelligentsia left? Cannot be right?

Why is the intelligentsia sealing their lips, especially the Singaporeans, so quiet?  They don’t have anything to add, to say, no views, unthinking like the masses? Isn’t this strange, the silence of the intelligentsia?


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