Identity of Enggor Street fare cheat surfaces

The police have confirmed in a Facebook post today (10 Dec) that investigations are ongoing in a case after being called to 8 Enggor Street.

Police Statement.jpg
The incident was first exposed on Thursday (8 Dec) when the woman was seen kicking up a ruckus in 2 videos after failing to pay a cab fare amounting to approximately $20 despite claiming to have “alot of money”.

Since then, her identity has been speculated by netizens to be Dina Wong from Hong Kong to be working at Nittan Capital Pte Ltd.

Dina Wong.jpg

Although the facts cannot be confirmed, the expose was first highlighted by Bruce Wee on his Facebook account, who in the past had correctly exposed another fare cheat Payal Devgan.

What do you think?


One thought on “Identity of Enggor Street fare cheat surfaces

  1. if she is the one…….we also like to know her side of the story why she did not want to pay her taxi fare…….in the mean time, she still need to compensate all those she had hurt + misbehave + causing nuisance in the public…………….


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