Will uneasiness among PAP supporters lead to a rise in opposition politics?

By: Goh Meng Seng

During my Business Walk about recently, I have spoken to some Singapore Chinese businessmen.

Singapore Chinese businessmen who are “extremely successful” have a very conservative profile and mindset. Even when they are not happy with some of the PAP government policies, they will just pretend and put up a show in front of PAP.

Some have even joined PAP’s grassroots organizations, just to show that they are “loyal”. In Chinese mindset, they have this stance that “Businessman should not fight with the government officials” (商不与官斗).

In my memory, there were only very few instances where extremely wealthy businessmen had fought with PAP before but that was way in the past, 1960s and early 1970s.

However, this time round, what I gather is that many top Chinese businessmen who had great amount of investment in China, are basically scolding PM Lee at his back! To these Chinese businessmen, they will put self (business) interests as their top priorities, never mind if you want them to kowtow to you or even lick your shoes, they will do it, just for the sake of their business interests.

But this time round, due to PM Lee’s totally lack of diplomatic tact which has angered the China’s government, they felt extremely uneasy, “threatened” and “frightened” that their millions or even billions of investment investment in China would be wiped off by the CCP!

They felt extremely anxious when their business partners and those CCP officials whom they have good relationship with, started to question them about PM Lee’s recent comments targeted at China.

These are the reasons that they are extremely frustrated with PM Lee but just like the business minded people as they are (唯利是图), they just don’t quite dare to vent their anger publicly or even in private to PAP MPs or Ministers or PM Lee himself! (敢怒不敢言) They will only vent their frustration in their own private meetings and gatherings….

Well, I can only smile when I gather all these information. I guess only at moments like this, they would be secretly happy when people in opposition like me started to call out to PM Lee to shut up.


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