Unemployed Singaporeans – Mismatch, no skill, no experience?

By: Chua Chin Leng

The problems of Singaporeans losing their jobs and unable to find reemployment is reaching a critical point. The senior PMEs have long given up hope, resigned to their fate that the govt is not going to do much for them except telling them to go for retraining to take on low paying jobs.

What is frightening and unacceptable is to find out that under 30s are also unable find gainful employment, fresh from polytechnics and universities. In many countries there will be riots on the streets and the govt will be brought down.

Here we have the govt trying to explain away the problems. The reasons cited by the MOM for the unemployment of Singaporeans, ‘the belief that there is no suitable work available, employers’ discrimination or the lack of necessary qualification, training or experience’.

As a result 1,200 young and discouraged workers, under 30, were reported, up from 700 last year. This is only known statistics. How many more not accounted, not reported. And the total number of discouraged workers is 9,900, up from 8,700 last year. As if a consolation or an achievement, it was down from the high of 11,300 in 2009. What a relief.

If the reasons quoted by MOM are the real reasons, how come there are more than 500,000 foreigners here gainfully employed?

They did not believe there is no suitable work available, the employers discriminated in their favour, they have all the necessary qualification, training and experience that graduates from our top polytechnics and universities did not have?

Who is kidding? Or our polytechnics and universities are so hopeless, useless, cannot produce graduates with the right qualification, training and experience that third world rubbish bin universities and polytechnics and schools could do better?

Please, what is the real reason for such a big number of discouraged workers that are unemployed, not counting probably much more that were not in the statistics? If there are so many Singaporeans that cannot find employment or proper employment, why is the MOM still issuing so many thousands of WP, EP and SP to the foreigners and they are still arriving in huge numbers daily?

Is the lax issuing of WP, EP and SP the real reason for Singaporeans being unemployed or under employed? Has CECA got anything to do with the plight of these discouraged Singaporeans and those that have given up all hopes?

This is what Gan Kim Yong said at the Teochew food and cultural Fair, “The understanding of a common culture can unite Singaporeans during difficult times. Every Singaporean should promote the kaki lang (Teochew for my family) spirit to be united and overcome difficulties.”’

The first thing that came to my mind was the follow up phrase. But I need not have to waste time trying to figure it out. A James Bong replied, ‘Kaki nang, ka chern sair tang, pa see bor siang kang!’

Is this what is happening to the discouraged and unemployed Singaporeans? ‘Kaki nang, pa see bor siang kang!’ Though the millionaire ministers are having a good time in all seasons, the discouraged or unemployed or under employed Singaporeans are really having a bad time.

Anyone think these are kaki nang and need to be helped, deserved to be employed instead of the 500,000 foreigners?


2 thoughts on “Unemployed Singaporeans – Mismatch, no skill, no experience?

  1. I’ve worked in one of the foreign-owned development project before, & I saw very young foreign engineers (as if they had just graduated or had no idea on the local project environment) working in their organization, or being flown in to resolve building defect problems in which they have no idea about the local environment, work methodology, etc. That’s why they had been widely known locally here in building notoriously leaking & defective buildings. Talk about foreign talent supremacy & know-how! I can bet our PMETs are equal to these foreign talents in every way, if not better. In fact we may have a slight advantage in knowing the local by-laws, built environment, no language or cultural barrier, the list goes on…!


  2. most of these ft civil engineers are only about sec 4 standard. if you include peenoise, they are maybe, sec 2, can’t read simple drawings but like to swagger around with their big fat backsides.
    jtc employed some of these useless mfs as cows – clerks of works. they literally cannot work, go slow, delay inspections, and try to play politics and delay time to score their overtime. and you have to coach them! some of these cbkias even dare to shout at sgs! fuck them!
    indian fts engineers? don’t know how they can become engineers. think they fucking high class, but a bunch of good for nothings. can’t work.
    prcs? they really try. some have good experience, but still not up to standard.


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