China standing up to American provocations and harassment

By: Chua Chin Leng

The growing provocations and harassment by the Americans and its cronies have reached a point where China finds it no longer bearable and it has no choice but to stand up to the Americans. The American provocations are not new and it is not that they were bearable in the past.

China has been beefing up its military and defence capability to thwart the aggressive and bullying Americans all the years and is now in a position to say no, that China would no longer be made to swallow the bitter pill of foreign humiliation and threats.

Xi Jinping has put an end to Deng Xiaoping’s policy of being patience, bend the head low as if nothing has happened in the face of provocation and keep slogging on to build a strong China. China today is a superpower in every field and the days of Deng’s policy of quietly bearing with taunting and humiliation are over.

The Americans and their cronies have not let up in the last few decades to constantly put pressure and obstacles in the path of China. There are now more than 400 American military bases surrounding China with the bulk in Japan and South Korea with nuclear weapons pointing at China.

And American political and military leaders have been very vocal in wanting to start a war with China, with some shouting about a preemptive strike at China’s nuclear installations and with the Japanese Commander of the American Pacific Fleet talking about war with China any moment.

With so much hostility by the Americans, if China continues to yield in appeasement, it would only embolden the Americans and their cronies and invite more humiliation and threats. The first sign of China standing up to the Americans was the farcical arbitration in The Hague where China refused to participate.

This was followed by several incursions into Chinese waters by American warships in China’s islands in the South China Sea. China responded by telling the Americans that it is ready to go to war with them. China’s nuclear missile force and the other elements of the PLA have been put on full alert to a face off with the Americans.

More war games were conducted in the South China Sea and all over the coast of China that included live firings.

Yesterday it was reported that China has seized an American probe in the South China Sea, a signal to the Americans that China would no longer be reactive and passive, on the receiving end of American provocation. China would act and this is just the beginning. The THAAD deployment in South Korea would face stronger opposition from China.

China did not stop at just tackling the Americans head on. Little USAs would also be taught a lesson if they misbehaved. China would whack the doggies to show their master that China meant business. The first whack has been delivered and the little USAs are starting to behave as what they are, with tails between their legs.

With the little USA knowing that they could not pull whiskers from a sleeping lion, the Americans would now have to take matters into their own hands to take on China directly, and China would respond accordingly, might with might.

The firm and unyielding defensive policy of Xi Jinping against American intimidation is taking shape. The Americans are pushing for war with China if they continue to misbehave, to provoke and threaten China, to conduct military incursions into Chinese territories. China has gone on to fortify its military defensive systems in the South China Sea to a level that would take a toll on the Americans should they be tested.

The American containment of China could see a new level of aggression and belligerence with the Chinese matching every American move. John Pilger’s documentary on The Coming War with China is timely.

Though sane people would want to avoid a nuclear war between the two nuclear powers, there are enough mad people in charge to want a war between China and the USA. The risk is very high and China is standing up to the intense American challenge to contain its growth, militarily and economically.


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