Does a small country like Singapore need 63 new paper generals since 2007?

By: Phillip Ang

Singapore is a joke but the joke has always been at the people’s expense. We may not have the highest per capita GDP but it has been confirmed we have the highest per capita generals. But not real one OK, only paper one.

Since 2007, 63 Singaporeans have been seeing stars every day, whenever they are at work. The 63 included clownish ‘PM material’ Chan Chun Sing as well as a current minister who believes collecting cardboards is a form of exercise.

New Generals.jpg

Singaporeans should know that there is a huge cost to taxpayers because these paper generals. And we are not only having about 50 generals at any one time but hundreds of 5-figure colonels as well. Their golden handshakes cost about $1 million? each.

Be it air, land or sea transport, at least one retired general has been appointed to ‘protect our interest’. That is till 2016 when the battle at sea was lost, NOL sunk. Land transport also almost habis, crippled by record major disruptions. Taken private away from prying eyes. Air transportation is still doing OK despite its subsidiary Tiger having turned into a kitten, finally disappearing into Scoot.

Even if GLCs have no vacancy, there are still sports bodies such as FAS whose trouble-maker CEO is a former paper colonel and Chief of Artillery. As with all former military big shots, his current pay confirms it’s a promotion of sorts, (i.e. no need to move to next higher rank to earn higher pay).

Collectively, they are earning hundreds of millions but screwing up everywhere they go because of their lack of relevant experience. All they know is regurgitate from textbooks, mistaking theories for reality.

Many Singaporeans call these people “jiak liao bee”.

Did PAP need to promote 63 colonels to generals since 2007? Does Singapore require so many book-smart scholars with zero war experience to lead?


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