Duterte calling the American’s bluff

By: Chua Chin Leng

Pay us if you want American forces on our land. This is what Duterte told the Americans. This man is proving to be the smartest of all the Asean leaders. He could see how valuable a military base in the Philippines is to the Americans.

The Americans are desperate to want bases for their soldiers to extend the reach of the Empire and making turning countries into semi colonies of the Empire. They need bases everywhere for the Empire. It has nothing to do with maintaining peace or protecting the countries where the bases are located, it is to protect the American Empire.

Now Duterte is telling the Americans, you want to station American soldiers and military hardware in the Philippines, you pay!  See, who needs who more? This was reported in Channel News Asia,

‘Hours after threatening to scrap the country’s Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) with the United States after the US-led Millennium Challenge Corp. deferred voting on its assistance to the Philippines, President Duterte imposed one condition on Washington if it would want the deal retained.

“You want to come back here? You pay us. You want bases here? Pay us. Transaction tayo, pera-pera na lang tayo, mabuti pa (Let’s enter into a transaction. Let’s make it all about money. We would be better off like that),” Duterte said in a speech delivered in General Santos City on Saturday night.

“There are no wars right now, why would I allow you here? You want to create World War III? If you do that, if all the nuclear explosives are really (used), this planet won’t be around tomorrow. It’s the end for all of us, so why would we pick a fight with anybody?” he added….’

But many silly Asean countries still believe that they need the Americans more and are begging the Americans to station their bases here and are willing to pay for it. And the naïve Donald Trump is going to ask all the countries having American military bases to pay for it?

What a stupid joke. The Japanese and South Koreans would be most happy to get rid of the American soldiers and bases in their soil and free themselves from being the semi colonies of the USA.

Donald, please do the Japanese and South Koreans a favour, tell them to pay up and they would say, ‘So vely solee, we no pay, Yankees go home preeze.’

The Americans still wanting to con the stupid Asians that they needed to provide bases for the Americans, and the Asians must pay for the protection? Isn’t there enough proof that whenever and wherever the Americans are present there will be trouble, there will be wars, the Americans will raise tension, create instability, agitate and provoke wars.

They will label another country as the evil one, provoke that country with threats of invasion, called war games, and telling the silly Asian countries that that country is a threat when that country reacts to American provocation?

Should Singapore be asking the Americans to pay for having access to base facilities here? Oops, they offer us training facilities too. Samula. In the case of the Philippines, the Americans would be on their knees begging Duterte to let them stay.

And soon it would be the same in Japan and South Korea, please let our American soldiers and weapons stay in your land, we need to protect our Empire!

Who needs who more? Who is the stupid one, providing military bases for the Americans to protect the American Empire and paying for it? And also making enemies of countries that are enemies of the Americans.

In one stroke, Duterte has removed the blinkers from daft Asian leaders to see clearly a simple truth, that they were conned by the Americans without knowing what is happening. The devil started all the trouble, raise tension and then walk in as the protector to lower tension and maintain peace.

Then they take control, take charge of everything including having their military bases in Asian countries. They write the rules and dictate everything, who is good, who is bad, which regime should be changed.


2 thoughts on “Duterte calling the American’s bluff

  1. The US has enough of aircraft carriers to patrol the whole world. It is of course more advantageous to have bases but it is not crucial. The Chinese and Russians have superior intelligence capabilities inclusive of covert operations to control the fate of any country. The US/UK and NATO are the only countries that can counter these illegal operations. The day will come when these boastful countries have to beg for US assistance ………and then I will laugh heartily


  2. Wait! Is this the unbiased journalism we’ve come to love and respect in MNL? Or is this an ill thought out, myopic oped piece? Yeah, I agree with Gilbert. You might want to look at it as self preservation! The rest of the world can’t control itself so, the US is forced to play babysitter so someone doesn’t blow up the planet and ruin it for the rest of us. Should the US sit back and let the Indians & Pakistanis nuke each other? Or should the US let Iran & the Israelis turn the desert in to glass? How about letting that whack job in N. Korea run amok and make a land grab on the South? One point you’re missing here is that Russia & Beijing have no respect no for soverenty. They are full on focus on colonization. Don’t think so? You might want to check in with Japan, Taiwan, Georgia or Crimea on that matter. It wont be long before Beijing is trolling MNL’s water ways. Then who are you going to call? You foolishly think this is about capitalism. It’s not. But as long as we are on the subject, what is MNL’s contribution to NATO? How many wars has it had to finance in currency, or lives for that matter? Where was MNL when the US stood up to stop the genecide in Bosnia? I’ll tell you. Sitting on the side lines with its thumb firmly planted its rear, just like the rest of those selfish cowards in the EU! Perhaps the only thing I agree with Mr. Trump on is that this “service” dosen’t come cheap. You should be grateful! The US bases of the past brought prosperity to MNL. It brought commerce and growth. In my opinion, if it weren’t for the protection and globalization provided by the US, MNL would still be a C class 3rd world rice paddy under the rule of Japan or China.


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