China – From friend to foe

By: Chua Chin Leng

Lee Kuan Yew spent half his lifetime building, cultivating and developed a special relationship with China. It took less than two years of his passing and China is now more a foe than a friend. Dunno who to thank for this sorry state of affair.

It is definitely not Singapore’s fault, not the MFA’s fault, Singapore has done nothing to China or against China to cause this. Vivian could even said he can sleep well, with no prick of conscience. Not sure about Hsien Loong but he has been very happy going about doing his things without having to say a word about the deteriorating relationship with China.

This is a queer case of stupidity in diplmacy. It is either the Chinese are so stupid that they are angry with Singapore when Singapore did not do anything to badmouth China, to hurt China or to undermine China’s core interests. Or the Singapore side is so stupid that they have done all the things against the interests of China but has no clue that they were against China.

The latter is really quite frightening. It is worst than the Emperor and his new clothes. It is someone having diarrhoea without knowing it and happily walking around with the stench of shit but could not smell a thing.

The Terrex Incident has just started and who knows how long it will be dragged on and how serious it could turn out when more things were revealed. And before one could say let’s move on, 20 DBS staff in Hong Kong have been arrested for breaches to good conduct and banking practices.

They have violated the law for releasing confidential data of their clients. Has this got anything to do with the declining relations with China? Or is it just a coincidence, nothing to worry about. No one needs to lose any sleep.

The special relationship and access Lee Kuan Yew had with China is now passe. And it also means the special relationship Singapore enjoyed with China is also history. No western leaders would not be able to call on the Oracle to learn a few wisdom in dealing with China. Out line to China is cut, dead, no one is going to pick up the phone on the China end.

How did we do it so quickly after one and a half years after Lee Kuan Yew’s death? All his good work and effort have gone to waste. There is no turning back, at least not under this govt. Singapore still thinking it can ride on the Chinese growth engine, to bid for projects in the OBOR big scheme of things? Would any minister think he or she would be invited to Beijing after this diplomacy mess?

Life goes on, nothing really happened, Singapore is still China’s good friend or China is still Singapore’s good friend. Singapore did not poke at China. Either the Chinese are so dumb that they did not know they were being poked or the people doing the poking are so daft that they did not know they were poking and poking at China. What insanity!


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