The world must set the agenda, not the Americans

By: Chua Chin Leng

The Americans with the help of biased western media, have been setting the agenda and the unthinking and mindless world just gobbled them up as the right and proper thing or message. The Chinese are moving missiles into the SCS and this is bad.

The Americans have 400 bases surrounding China and the western media did not utter a whimper. The Americans are sending their THAAD missiles to South Korea, this too is a normal and acceptable thing, just like the nuclear bases in Okinawa, in Guam, in the Marshalls, in Diego Garcia.

And Kim Jung Un is a mad man, not George Bush, not Tony Blair, not Hillary or Obama that set the Middle East ablaze, killings millions of Arabs in the process. And I quote a few paragraphs from Andre Vitchek,In New York City and Paris, in Buenos Aires and Hong Kong, the then consensus was almost unanimous: “Chavez was a vulgar populist, a demagogue, a military strongman, and potentially a ‘dangerous dictator’”.

In South Korea and the UK, in Qatar and Turkey, people who could hardly place Venezuela on the world map, were expressing their ‘strong opinions’, mocking and smearing the man who would later be revered as a Latin American hero.

Even many of those who would usually ‘distrust’ mainstream media were then clearly convinced about the sinister nature of the Process and the ‘Bolivarian Revolution’.

History repeats itself.

Now President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines is demonized and ‘mistrusted’, ridiculed and dismissed as a demagogue, condemned as a rough element, mocked as a buffoon.

In his own country he is enjoying the highest popularity rating of any president in its history: at least well over 70 percent, but often even over 80 percent.’

Now they are getting the UN to conduct investigation against Duterte for murder. When is the world going to pursue the murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and the killing of Saddam Hussein by the Americans under false fabricated charges of possession of WMD? When is the world going to prosecute Bush and Blair for these killings and also the killings of Libyan and Muammar Gaddafi?

Why is the UN thinking it is the right thing to investigate Duterte but not Bush and Blair? By setting the UN on a wild goose chase it makes the world body forgot about the crimes against humanity of Bush and Blair.

Russia and China and other nations in the UN must not let this crime against the Arabs and Arab nations go unpunished. They must set the agenda, grab the UN by the collar to press charges against these two criminals and their accomplices for genocide and the invasion of nation states under flimsy and false charges.

There many crimes and despicable things being committed by the US and the western nations that should be brought up against them, charge them, make them answer for their crimes and violations. The rest of the world must take the initiative to set the world agenda against the Americans and the west and their crimes.

Would Asean be united behind Duterte against the attacks by the Americans and the west?


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