Why are we hiring even more foreign ‘talents’ when locals would be likely to fill the post?

The following is a Facebook post by prominent labour activist Gilbert Goh and has been edited for clarity:

Certis security guards use to be hailed mainly from Malaysia but what irks many is probably the high pay scale for those hire from Taiwan. Why the disparity and discrimination? Paying close to $2700 a month, I am sure many Singaporeans or current CISCO guards will be up in arms against the latest hiring frenzy.

Most local Cisco guards earn an average of $2200 with over-time and some good shift allowance. Its a tough job with very few local takers. More than 60% of our Cisco guards are foreigners with many hailing from nearby Malaysia.

These new Taiwanese recruits are probably graduates and so justify the latest high pay scale but why not employ our own people first before looking abroad? I am sure at $2700 a month such vacancies will even attract our own local graduates many who are still looking for work after graduating for many months.

Or is this a tit-for-tat plot to show to big-brother China for feisty defiance against the recent holding of our armour carriers?

Most sovereign countries will threaten war if their weaponry is seized in such a unceremonial manner but our country is too small even to protest vehemently against the low-blow bullying tactic.

If hiring Taiwanese Cisco guards is one tacit way that our government shouts out in a loud protest against China then I feel that it is unwarranted and may even anger the Asian big brother more.

China is very much against anyone on close friendly terms with arch-enemy Taiwan and even Triump receives the stick when he inches closer to Taiwan.

On the local front, such a hiring move also annoys many Singaporeans who have long believe that our government is very pro-employer in it’s employment policy.

From lawyers to doctors to IT experts, our government has widely open the door for foreigners to compete in our own turf sometimes with more favourable conditions.

The only frustrating paradox is the huge percentage of votes PAP received during the recent 2015 general election when so many people are clearly against the government’s pro-foreigner hiring policy.

There are already 1.3 million foreign workers here ranging from the low-waged 500,000 construction workers to top-of-the-range employment pass (EP) foreign talent who are earning close to $200,000 on average. Many of them earn half a million upwards especially those in the banking sector.

There are an estimated 300,000 of these FTs on EP, S-Pass and LTVP – these are the jobs that many Singaporeans are capable of doing but are somehow passed over due to various reasons.

All this happening when many Singaporeans are still jobless or working as part-time workers in a very bad economic cycle.

Its no wonder many are looking at migration as a way out of the stressful foreigner-first city state.



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