Welcome to the New Sick Man of Asia

By: Chua Chin Leng

In the news recently was an article saying that ‘a caucasian man was captured by the car’s in-vehicle recording unit slamming the window of a GrabCar driver.

According to the driver’s account, he picked up the caucasian’s family at 296 Beach Road Concourse Skyline on Tuesday (Dec 27) around 3.45pm. However, as he did not have an infant seat, he told the caucasian’s family that he is unable to pick up the family due to traffic regulation requirements.

The man in the video was enraged and then stopped the GrabCar driver from driving away and proceeded to act violently and even threatened to “fucking kill” the driver. Throughout the incident, the GrabCar driver stayed in his car, locked his doors and called the police.’

When would the govt get rid of these foreign scums from our country before more Singaporeans are beaten up or threatened to be killed? No, no way, these are the talents that we need to replace the daft, no brain, no talent Singaporeans. More should be promoted to head GLCs, stats boards and even ministries. Their talents are more important and a bit of violence should be tolerable. Just turn the other cheek.

Singaporeans when faced with such violent foreign talents should just meekly lock themselves in the car like the Grab car driver and call the police. If cannot hide inside a car for safety, run for your life. Do not attempt to defend yourself for good reasons. You may end up in jail for violence against these foreign talents.

Be safe, be meek, run or hide.

Tommy Koh had asked if we are the New Sick Man of Asia.  In the last century China had this reputation when China was invaded by hordes of western foreigners and Shanghai was cut out into pieces as foreign concessions. And the foreigners ruled Shanghai, bullying and beating up the residents at will, for their own fancy. And the weak govt looked at the foreigners haplessly,, unable to protect its own citizens. The rich and powerful slept with the foreigners to bully and cheat the residents.

Welcome to the New Sick Man of Asia where the foreigners feel so arrogant and free to beat up the citizens and the meek citizens could only wait to be beaten. At most the foreigners would get a slap on the wrist. And they would walk away sneering at the meek citizens that have become their past time punching bags.

This is now a sick place where the citizens have lost their pride and dignity. No one is there to stand up for the citizens to kick the asses of these foreign scums but begging for more to come. And more foreign scums are brought in to boss around with the citizens, replacing the citizens in good jobs, top jobs, and the daft citizens are told to go overseas, like their forefathers that came here, unable to find decent jobs in their motherland and unable to fend for themselves.

The similarities are no coincidence when the rich and powerful are fraternalising with the foreigners and thinking hell a lot of the great talents of the foreigners and despising the citizens as good only for low value jobs.

What is there to be happy about the new year and going forward when there is no pride and dignity?


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