Certis Cisco recruitment saga reveals more pressing issues

By: Goh Meng Seng

The Recruitment of Taiwanese as Auxiliary Police Officers has an unexpected twist. Current and former employers of these big security companies started to come forward and put up “eye-opening” facts of their employment terms and conditions as well as working conditions.

Something that pissed me greatly is the horrendous number of Over Time that is expected from the Auxiliary Police Officers and the calculation of OT isn’t that “accurate” where some hours were cut (normally 1 hour per working day, is that for meal time? But MOM rule says meal time must be included and paid!) for some unknown reasons.

I have studied one of the time clocking for an Auxiliary Police. Even with the unreasonable (arbitrary) cut in the hours working, the total number of Over Time Hours could still be ABOVE the stipulated Maximum of 73 hours.

The “official” number of OT can be 78 hours but for the “unofficial” one, taking into consideration of the actual clocking, the OT would be as high as 93 hours!

The MOM rule says one should not work more than 12 hours per day unless they apply for “overtime exemption” but I find this absolutely absurd! It is absurd to require a human being, not a machine, to work more than 12 hours per day! That is basically INHUMANE and UNETHICAL! Only SLAVES were made to work such prolonged hours!

According to the Certis Cisco time sheet I got, Certis Cisco tried very hard to hide the fact that it has made its employee to work over 12 hours per day by splitting the clocking into 2, so that none will show more than 12 hours!

It is about time those undeserving overpaid sleepy heads in parliament wake up and take a good look at our horrendous labour law! And I really wonder, what is the Union doing? NTUC seems to be only interested in getting membership fees and doing supermarket business?

Auxiliary Police Officers carry out important and sometimes, dangerous duties. And they are armed. In army, we learn that more accidents will happen with arms if our soldiers are overworked and become sleepy. Thus, I really do not understand why these big security firms could get away with such horrendous HR management of our Auxiliary Police Officers!

And I have not come to the salary scheme yet! I shall leave this for another day.


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