A review of the PAP’s failure in protecting the wellbeing of its citizens

The following letter first appeared on http://www.transitioning.org, a support site for the unemployed founded and managed by prominent labour activist Gilbert Goh:


I was reading your website about how a Indian national was offered $5500 for being a service manager. I am extremely angry that such things are allowed to take place at the detriment of Singaporeans. For the record, the median income of locals is only about $3850 which means that this guy is earning almost 40% more than Singaporeans.

Now, the PAP has told us time and time again that we need foreigners to do the jobs which locals cannot do. In the backdrop of ever increasing retrenchments of local Singaporeans, are we certain this is the case? If we were to look at some online forums, one foreign talent has even admitted that his hiring manager was going to bypass the fair consideration framework by posting the job for 14 days.

Singapore has one of the highest percentage of immigrants when compared to the rest of the developed world yet we are not given any protection. Locals have weak labour laws which do not allow them protection against massive influx while elderly are left to collect cardboard and clean hawker tables. If we look at countries such as Australia, then there is a point system which I am sure you are aware of.

In fact, I had a Vietnamese classmate who was given an ASEAN scholarship when many people are fighting to get into a local university. Later on, he went to a “Big 4″ public accounting firm which he is doing reasonably well.

Is the PAP going to bullshit again to say that no locals want to go to a local university and get a prestigious job after graduation? No matter how I see this, it is a clear case of PAP backstabbing our youth.

The modern PAP is no longer the same as LKY’s generation: They have offended china in a diplomatic faux pas and have no solution to our seized $100 million APVs. And even if such issue do not affect the average man on the street, I hope that Singaporeans can wake up and realise the detrimental effects of PAP’s policies as the economy slows down.



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