America will become great again not through wars but by doing the following things right

By: Chua Chin Leng

Trump and America must be brave enough to recognise the fact that USA is inherently wicked historically and must be willing and sincere in amending its wild and savage hawkish traits of aggression and invasion of other countries. USA must first and foremost denounce and renounce its practices of the insidious militant doctrines of aggression which have through centuries caused great suffering and death to millions of people of other countries attacked and invaded by US.

America must openly and publicly announce they will no longer practise the ( 1 ) Doctrines of Christian Discovery, ( 2 ) The Doctrine of Manifest Destiny, ( 3 ) The Doctrine of American Exceptionalism and ( 4 ) Neo-Conservatives principles of Wars of Aggression.

US must sincerely atone for its never ending massacre and genocide of Native Americans and build a cenotaph in every one of the fifty states in memory and honour of the memory of millions of Native Americans both men, women and children who died a wanton death at the merciless guns and cannons of the ravaging invading savage white invaders from Europe.

US must also apologise to the lynching and killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent defenseless African Americans and likewise set up memorial halls in all the fifty states in honour and memory of the unfortunate dead

Next US need to sincerely apologise to the Chinese Americans whose ancestors came to help and build and develop America’s infrastructures like railways,roads and mines but were later mercilessly slaughtered and lynched by savage white ruffians on countless occasions with the connivance of US government.

Last but not least US must sincerely apologise and show contrition to the merciless and endless slaughter of Mexican Americans. US must atone for its past injustice to the Mexicans by building a Mexican American National Park with a cenotaph in the centre of the park in all the fifty states in memory of those unjustly killed.

America must practise what it propounded regarding human rights and democracy. US government must grant the right of native Americans to a separate independent Native American state. Likewise it must also grant the rights of African Americans and Mexican Americans to have their own independent states and nationhood.

US must also apologise to the natives of Hawaii for its massacre of hundreds of thousands of Hawaiians who resisted American invasion in the 1890s to 1905. US must renounce its illegal and illegitimate annexation of Hawaii and forthwith promise to acquiesce to the desire of native Hawaiians for their independence. In the same manner US must renounce its occupation of Guam and grant the people of Guam its independence. US must surrender Puerto Rico and Diego Garcia to the original inhabitants .

Lastly US must return all the lands it had illegally and illegitimately taken from Mexico from 1840s to 1890s. The lands taken from Mexico through military might include the states of Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and California. Trump does not need to build the illegal great wall and US can save billions of dollars if it just give back to Mexico her former territories.

US must stop cheating and defrauding other countries through manipulating the deceitful US petrol dollar. This US petrol dollar should be more appropriately called the dirt dollar as it is no longer backed by oil or any other resources.US just print any amount of paper money and using it to exchange for other countries solid intrinsic assets.These fiduciary issues are used to cheat other countries of their wealth and resources.

US must stop manipulating the world’s stock markets through the cheating process of derivative trading and using the immense power of the hedge funds to wipe out other countries finance and economy. The CEOs and directors of big American stock markets and banks like J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and others reward themselves with hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

But when their operations in the derivative and hedge funds go awry resulting in steep losses of billions of dollars they still pay themselves the same millions for it is always the company ending in bearing the losses.In other words the share holders, the ordinary men in the streets will ultimately have to bear the losses. Criminal wrongdoings by CEOs and directors of banks and big business are never penalised and brought to justice.

American banks and huge American concerns must stop money laundering at the expense of third world countries.These American companies and banks will always work hand in glove with corrupted third world government presidents and ministers in taking unnecessary huge loans of billions of dollars for purported big projects usually exaggerated hundred of times its worth.

Loan money usually flow back to US companies which operate the projects while the president and local elites get huge side benefits worth millions of dollars. In the meantime the huge loans is intentionally used to bankrupt the borrowing country which is then obliged to follow American dictates and requirements. The few local elites become rich while the people and the country remain poor at the demand and calling of the American government which always demand the use of military bases and buying of American military weapons as well as obliged to support America whenever required and demanded.

If Donald Trump and the American government can sincerely and faithfully carry out the above stated objectives it will enhance the good image of America and make America a great nation again.

The United Nations must oversee that US grant independence to the native Americans, the African Americans and the Mexican Americans as well as independence for Hawaii and Guam.

Failing to carry out the above stated objectives will make Trump’s calling to make America great hollow.


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