Time to look for a new protector?

By: Martin Loh

Wonder what is the new evidence which Malaysia has uncovered and which Kuala Lumpur considers sufficient grounds for a reversal of the previous ICJ judgement.

Astute and politically conscious Singaporeans cannot but notice the challenges posed by our closest northern and southern neighbours to the prerogatives which our Republic has enjoyed by way of history, and which are indispensable to our enjoyment of free passage, air and sea, along with the well being of this land. These efforts by our so called Asean brothers amount to cramping our space and render our freedom to negotiate the tight air and sea spaces around Singapore vulnerable to outside pressures.

It is a shame that the PAP government, in its obsession with the South China Sea issue and the contrived threat posed by China, has not seen it fit to better inform Singaporeans of the insidious threats we constantly face from the immediate north and south, including terrorism which breeds in their fertile grounds.

Bear in mind that America, whom we rely for our protection, has already shown that it is not adverse to employing terrorism as an extension of its foreign policy. Syria is a good example. Also the American CIA has, since the days of Sukarno, been known to consort with Muslim groups in Indonesia whenever Washington wanted to counter the power of China, often with disastrous results for the ethnic Chinese Indonesians.

Furthermore, it is well within realpolitik for America to switch to our neighbour’s side, by supporting their claims, air and sea, should it so pleases Washington. Never forget, those countries are bigger and may have more to offer America than a tiny Red Dot. An America anxious to have friends in Nanyang who will lend themselves unequivocally to Washington’s anti-China Containment, will not be held back by any so called loyalty to Singapore. Recall what happened to American loyalty to the government of Nguyen Van Thieu of South Vietnam.

Under these potentially disturbing developments unfolding before Singapore, including the murkiness as to the forces behind KL’s latest challenge, would it not be prudent for Singapore to explore ways to secure another protector? Or, at least, be seen to flex our options. Food for thought.


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