Singapore doing all the wrong things

By: Chua Chin Leng

Singapore is still thinking it is doing all the right things and there will still be a prosperous Singapore to celebrate SG100. The writings on the wall are saying everything is failing but some jokers are claiming everything is number 1, we are the best. Has anyone really looked at the things we claim to be the best and know what they are, best in what, best in the wrong things?

Look at education, just a few days ago the ST gloated that Singapore is in the top four ranks for universities by Times Higher Education. Superficially it looked like a big achievement, like the headline 99% passed GCE with at least one pass. What is this fourth ranking about? It is about how many foreign academic staff and how many foreign students in the universities.

These are things that can be bought by money. Just keep throwing tax payers money to these foreigners, the more we throw to them, the higher will be the ranking. We can even be number 1, just like throwing money to buy table tennis players and the silly dream of winning the World Cup by buying foreign talents.

And almost daily we have heard gloating about how good our education system is, how great our universities are, only to find that employers did not want their graduates and prefer graduates from third world countries, from dilapidated schools that have poorly qualified and poorly trained teachers that could not boast of having to paying thousands of dollars to get a place in kindergarten or the university.

And the sickest thing of all, everyday harping about training our retrenched workers, many with good degrees and experience and are displaced by third world half baked degrees or degrees from degree mills.

The big question, why are these third world country products so super and no need further training, but the best workers from a first world country, spending more than 20 years in formal education to get a degree, supposedly the finest if not the most expensive, and all inept, misfit, mismatch and unworthy to be employed, and need more training, life time training? And third world products are perfect matches and no need any training? Heard of anyone demanding or recommending training for third world products?

Are we doing all the right things or doing all the wrong things but pretending that we are doing all the right things? Stop this silly shit about retraining and retraining when lousy half baked third world pariah education graduates, many not even graduates but fakes, could be happily employed here without the need for retraining.

Stupidity has no cure. Just listen and follow blindly.


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