PAP government creates more low-paying ‘aviation’ jobs for foreigners

By: Phillip Ang

CNA headline screams “More than 2,300 jobs available at Changi Airport career fair” to give the impression of good jobs created by PAP.

But the fact is, most of them pay slave wages when we take into account our high cost of living. As such, the government feels too pai seh to provide a breakdown for all types of jobs available and expected salaries.

According to Workforce Singapore (WSG), the maximum salary of PMETs could go “up to $8000”. What it really means is there may be one or 2 jobs paying close to $8000 while most are likely to be pay less than $3000. Anyway, there is no need for the government to organise job fairs for PMETs if the available jobs are in fact paying high salaries.

Hundreds of jobs available at the career fair such as cleaners and security guards are also non aviation-related. This leaves one to conclude that the job fair is another attempt by PAP to get Singaporeans to buy-in to low wages as the norm. Low wages will benefit Changi Airport Group which is controlled by Temasek Holdings whose CEO is Ho Ching, wife of PM Lee.

According to WSG, more than 50% of the 2,300 jobs pay less than $2000.

WSG: – “8 in 10 job opportunities are for rank-and-file workers” means the majority of jobs, or about 1,840 jobs, pay low wages and are created with foreigners in mind.
– “.., around a third of which offer salaries above $2000” means 1,288 jobs pay below $2,000.

But how many jobs pay below $1500? WSG is of course unable to disclose this as it would expose PAP’s “foreign workers help create good jobs for Singaporeans” half-truth.

After this wayang, expect PAP to claim that Singaporeans are choosy and that it has no choice but to hire foreigners from less-developed countries.


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