A $75 flight to a land of paradise

By: Leong Sze Hian

I was in Langkawi from 12 to 15 February and spoke to about 10 people about life in general.

In particular, I talked to a taxi driver who had worked in Singapore for about six years before returning to Langkawi.

He said although he earns much less now as a taxi driver in Langkawi – about RM3,500 a month – he is much happier.

RM1 to see a doctor, RM12 to deliver a baby, RM50,000 to buy a freehold land and build your own house, etc.

Do not have the typical very long working hours in Singapore, stress, ever rising cost of living, etc.

I was shown a house built by a Singaporean retiree under Malaysia’s Malaysia MySecondHome Scheme (Age 50+,  RM150,000 fixed deposit or RM10,000 monthly income).


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