The distaste of the PAP in giving the name “Syonan Gallery”

By: Goh Meng Seng

Most Singaporeans no longer have strong Chinese learning or know Japanese language and are therefore ignorant of what “Syonan” or “昭南(岛)” means in the context of Japanese Invasion and Occupation.

But for the Historians and PAP politicians who put up that Syonan Memorial, this is inexcusable.

Syonan literally means the Glory Light in the South. In the context Japanese invasion and occupation, it glorified the Japanese victorious invasion and occupation, bringing the Japanese “Imperial Sun or Light” to the Southern part of Asia.

Thus, by putting the memorial hall as “Syonan Memorial”, it literally means “Glory Light in the South Memorial”! Isn’t PAP government putting remembrance of the Glory of Japanese Occupation? Isn’t this a bloody insult to those who had suffered and killed by the Japanese Imperial army during World War II!

This is why I find it extremely distasteful and disgusting for PAP government to put such name to the Memorial Hall!


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